Cosplay Contests

To sign up for any cosplay contest, please go to Cosplay Info located in the Embassy Suites on the 2nd floor (above the grand staircase, but accessible by the elevator too). Open hours are posted below.

Friday Cosplay Information

Friday’s cosplay contest is an in-character improv acting contest. In this event, you’ll be given some random, funny prompts to act out on the spot in your character. Sign-ups are taken from Thursday at 7-10pm, and Friday from 12pm-4:30pm.
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Saturday Cosplay Contest / Masquerade

Saturday’s contest is our biggest cosplay event! Compete against others for costume craftsmanship and/or your performing abilities! If you don’t want to perform but show off on-stage, you can sign up to do a short walk-on and strut your stuff too!

About Craftsmanship Judging

In order to be judged for craftsmanship, you must have made at least 70% or more of your costume. Whole store-bought or commissioned costumes are best for the exhibition (walk-on with no judging) or for a performance entry (at least a 1 minute, but no longer than 4 minute performance). Slots for at-con judging is extremely limited, and once they are gone, we cannot take any other craftsmanship entries. Please refer to this document to see all currently availible times open.

Performance Entries

Performances are at least a 1 minute, but no longer than 4 minute skit, dance, or other performance routine that you will do infront of the audience. You must attend a mandatory rehersal from 10am – noon on Saturday in Events 1. You do not need to wear a costume for this. Please bring your audio. We will accept audio via google drive, dropbox, or a USB Drive. You may also use a youtube video, which we will download the audio for. You’ll be given an email to send this to when you sign up.

Non-judged Walk-Ons (Exhibition)

If you’re just showing off your costume on stage and do not want to compete, just sign up at the Cosplay Info table during our open hours.
Important Info for all those Signed Up

Cosplay Hours of Operation

Cosplay Info Booth:

Thursday: 7-10pm (sign up & check in for online sign ups)
Friday: 12pm-10pm (Friday cosplay sign ups close at 4:30pm)
Saturday: 10am-8pm (Saturday cosplay sign ups close at 4:30pm)
Sunday: Closed

Cosplay Contest Sign Up Times:

Friday Cosplay:

Thursday 7-10pm & Friday 12pm – 4:30pm

Saturday Cosplay Sign Up Times:

For costume/craftsmanship judging: Thursday 7-10pm, Friday 12-10pm and Saturday 10am – 4:30pm or until all judging time slots are filled.

For performance (dance, skit, etc, no costume judging):

Thursday 7-10pm, Friday 12-10pm. Saturday: 10-11am. All performances must attend a rehersal on Saturday from 10am – 12pm.

Walk-ons, no judging: Thursday 7-10pm, Friday 12-10pm and Saturday 10am – 4:30pm